Q’s to the U (Questions to the Universe) is an inspiring forum like no other that empowers you to unlock the power that exists inside you. It helps you to find your shine, pursue your dreams and goals and inspires you to create the epic life you came here to live.

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Or if you’re the dip-your-toe-in-first kinda person I’ve come up with something new for you… Like I’ve said… Qs2U is a work in progress and ever evolving. So while it started as a subscription only event - and there are definitely many more perks to being a Monthly Magic Carpet (MMC) Rider - there’s also been a huge request from people who for different reasons want to jump on the LIVE for just one session. So, I’ve come up with the new “One shot” option.

Starting this month, you can jump on the magic carpet for a single Magic Carpet ride. Please see full details below to understand what One Shot is and isn’t entitled to. Once you purchase the One Shot we will send you a confirmation email to the email address attached to the paypal account you’ve purchased it from. In the confirmation email you will find a registration link. YOU MUST REGISTER for the LIVE session or you will not gain access. This is a key step so please don’t forget to do it as this is a non-refundable purchase. If you have any further questions or issues you can always HIT US UP HERE.

Either way, whether you go with the Subscription or the One Shot, you’ve got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.



      • Monthly live Q’s to the U Online sessions 

      • Free lifetime playback of sessions

      • The option to submit questions to Gemma 4 different ways (so that you can get answers during the LIVES or during playback.

      • Free giveaways during random LIVES

      • 10% discounts on private sessions (doesn’t include rush/travel fee)




      • Attend one Q’s to the U Live session

      • Ask questions in the chat room, however like everyone else, remember this doesn’t guarantee your question will be chosen. 

      • Purchase up until 2 hours before the LIVE as there is a registration process necessary for entry.